Evening with Kathryn Ogletree, Reflections on the Bursar's Office Takeover

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Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.)
Kathryn Ogletree (WCAS’71, TGS’76) reflects on the Bursar's Office Takeover at Northwestern University in 1968. Ogletree was one of more than 100 African American student activists who occupied the Bursar’s Office for 38 hours to protest the state of Black student’s experiences at Northwestern. Kathryn Ogletree was a leader in the Bursar's Office Takeover and served as the president of FMO (For Members Only). She was instrumental in advocating for African American student’s demands to Northwestern University’s administration. The Bursar's Office Takeover ended with the “May 4th Agreement,” a negotiated solution that promised increased black student enrollment, financial aid and black history and culture studies and the establishment of the Black House.  In March 2018, Ogletree was invited back to campus as part of the Women’s Center’s 30th anniversary and the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of 1968 Bursar’s Office Takeover.  She discussed the role of women in student activism for an audience of about 50 at Harris Hall. The director of Northwestern University Women's Center, Dr. Sekile Nzinga Johnson, PhD, MSW introduces the program and provides a brief history of Northwestern's Women's Center. Charla Wilson, Archivist for the Black Experience at Northwestern University Libraries, speaks about the context and significance of having Kathryn Ogletree speak about the takeover from her perspective. Graduate student, Tay Glover, provides a brief biography and introduction of Kathryn Ogletree. Ogletree was awarded the Women’s Center’s Gender Equity in Action Award.
Ogletree, Kathryn; Nzinga-Johnson, Sekile, 1971-; Wilson, Charla; Glover, Tay; Northwestern University Libraries; Northwestern University Women's Center
Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.); African American college students; Civil rights demonstrations; Student movements
Evanston, Illinois
Bursar's Office Collection
Northwestern University Archives
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